not all those who wonder are lost...
they are Ghumakkad

On a bright sunny day, the concept of Ghumakkad was conceived to create a platform for those who find their soul outside the daily madden socio-economical structure of our society.

Adventure meets Leisure

Ghumakkad is a concept where the adventure meets leisure. We believe exploring amazing destinations across the countryside, new culture, lifestyle, traditions and travelling to some of the exciting destinations on this earth is something that can give us a chance to meet with our soul. We believe travel should be about opening doors to being inspired by spectacular scenery and liberating experiences that will open our mind to a world of opportunities.

If you have a zeal for travel and want to explore the unexplored or just want to stay back and gaze stars from the comfort of soft and cozy comforter... whether it is an adventure on the mountains or a quite leisure on the wide sand beach, Ghumakkad has a perfect solution for you... be it a customized vacation or a fixed departure with our expert travel consultants.

We believe travel is all about having a remarkable experience every time you set your foot for a new destination.

Experienced Team

Traveling is a skill that opens the door to knowledge. Without it, education is incomplete. We have a friendly team of experienced professionals who will make sure that you feel as if you are in home with all the comforts that you would require. Our team comprises of experienced professionals from NIM (Nehru Institute of Mountaineering) to professional travel designer and experienced business developer and artists, etc.

Team Ghumakkad rightfully believes in that, "It's often said that it is the journey and not the destination that makes a trip".