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Everyone has their own taste and likes, whether its life or travel. Give us a chance to help you in planning your trip (solo, with family, or with friends). Ghumakkad believes getting out of your comfort zone and travel will help you to discover yourself.


Mountains offer a majestic range of landscape, beautiful deep valleys, incredible forests, rich in history and traditions. Some of them also provide you with a Trip of a Lifetime.


Are you a nature lover? Then trekking is a good option for you. Trekking is all about exploring the unexplored. You even get a chance to witness the majestic sunrise.


While talking about adventure, you have a bucket list at your disposal starting from river rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, jungle safari, skiing, paragliding and many more. Adventure in India, unfolds the diverse options as the country has wide landforms spread across over a large area.

Wild Life

Far from the cacophony of the cities, wildlife presents you with a plate of enriched and diverse flora and fauna. India is a home to 89 National Parks, 13 Bio Reserves and 400+ wildlife Sanctuaries. It will be one of your unparalleled and long lasting tour from beginning to end.


Camping provides you with an opportunity of your lifetime to camp under the dazzling night sky and that too with a bonfire. The experience is so very different from staying at a grand hotel than to in the midst of nowhere around, just in the lap of nature.


Here one can experience the extreme temperature both during day time and night time. You get to experience the magnificent sand dunes and the spectacular jeep safari at Jaisalmer and Udaipur.


Far from the distractions of the city life, beach offers you with splashing waves, backwaters of Kerala, majestic beaches, the beautiful seas. India has about 7500 km of stretched coastline, making it an appealing destination when it comes to invigorating holidays.

Home Stay

You get to spend quality time with the locals. This exposes you to new people and their respective cultures. Home Stay also offers you a scope to learn new language, new cuisines and the history of the place. Itís totally a new look towards life. Concepts about life get changed while interacting with people.

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